RPD-41072 Rev. 09/25/2012 State of New Mexico - Taxation and Revenue Department ANNUAL SUMMARY OF WITHHOLDING TAX FOR CRS-1 FILERS Who Must Complete This Form: Employers, payers and gambling establishment
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In this tutorial you will learn how tofile a combined reporting system or CRSreturn in tap to begin log in to yourtap account logging into tap brings upyour personalized home page select theaccount ID hyperlink for your CRSaccount notice the orange triangle inthe account alerts and periods columnsthese indicate action is required forthis period either a balance is owed ora return needs to be filed to file areturn either select the desired periodand file from there or select the fileyour return hyperlink for any givenperiod in the account alerts list theCRS return introduction page isdisplayed click Next to continue theregistration page is displayedthis contains taxpayer information onfile if this is correct click Next tocontinue the CRS returns display toreport gross receipts click the yesbutton then select add edit receiptsno gross receipts are listed currentlyso we will click add a receipt to add anew gross receipt enter gross receiptsinformation into the pop-up window notethat the fields in gray are non editablecalculated fields which are populated byperforming calculations on the aboveentered fieldswhen all gross receipts have beenentered click OKuse selector buttons to entercompensating withholding and businesscredit clean forms as applicable forthis example we do not have compensatingor withholding but we do have businesscredit clean forms click no forcompensating and withholding and clickYES for business credit clean formsselect the checkbox for the appropriateform then select the attach claim formhyperlink to add your attachmententer a description of your file thenselect the file stored on your computerclick save to finishall attachments submitted are nowdisplayed at the bottom of your screento complete your form select the redsignature checkbox to confirminformation to be true and correct thenclick the submit button to submit and okto confirmthis window displays a confirmationmessage along with a confirmation numberfor your requestusing the buttons at the bottom of thescreen you can proceed by making apayment printing a copy of your returnprinting the confirmation page orchoosing ok to return to the accountscreen click the request andcorrespondence tab then click view allto view your return request select therequest hyperlink to view request detailwhen you are finished select the log offbutton to end your session thisconcludes the filing a CRS return in taptutorial